Added Christmas in July Course Records

We just added course record holders to our Christmas in July races event page sidebar navigation under Results, Photos, Race Reports, and Media. Here are the record holders as of right now where, for the timed events, CW = clockwise run direction, CCW = counter-clockwise run direction.

Men – Phil McNeal(24) 16:44 (2014)
Women – Arlan Hickey(29) 20:49 (2016)

Men – Keith Browning(44) 43 Laps/41.84mi (2015-CCW)
Women – Angie McQueen(39) 40 Laps/38.92mi (2014-CW)

Men – Francesco Arato(45) 69 Laps/67.14mi (2016-CCW)
Women – Crystal Hutchings(36) 66 Laps/64.22mi (2016-CCW)

Men – Robert Whitten(52) 114 Laps/110.92mi (2016-CCW)
Women – Heather Ziegler(34) 104 Laps/101.19mi (2014-CW)

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