Calling for Guest Bloggers

We are looking for a guest blogger who is planning to run one of our Christmas in July races this year to tell a little story about their life of running or some challenges they face, or something running related. You don’t need to be an experienced blogger, but maybe you have something to tell. The format can be flexible, but the content should be engaging. You story will be hosted right here on our Runners 4 Wellness blog and we will share it with our various social media platforms.

We want our viewers to learn or experience something from your story, whether it would be how one might train for the race, information about a particular charity you might be running for, an interesting backstory for how you got into running, how you might have dealt with an injury and recovered from it, what got you into running ultras and how that may have changed your life, etc. Of course, we invite you to provide photos to enhance your story.

If you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger please send an email to us at with a subject line “Guest Blogger”. We will continue our discussion via email and work through any questions you or I might have. Thank You!!

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