Jim A

That was a fantastic. This was my first attempt at 100 and I had a great time doing it in the 24. Your volunteers were amazing, the food great (especially the bean quesadillas) and the decorations inspiring, especially for a Xmas nut like me. I think it is highly likely I will come back next year and try for more than 100 and if my schedule doesn’t permit running I will definitely visit and volunteer. Well done.‬

Betty L

I was floored by how awesome the volunteers were and how well you put this, the inaugural race, together. It was a perfect night and I really enjoyed the 1 mile loop and timed event aspect. Thank you for putting together something that brought runners together and made me some new friends! Volunteers, you got us through it!‬

Angie M

Yes thank u you so much! I’m talking up the event trying convince anyone and everyone come out next yr!! Than you to girl by hill and guy by sharp turn gave me the extra boost of inspiration! Thank you again‬

Thank you! One of my fav races ‬