How it Works

Simple! Friends Register Online with your Ambassador Code = Credits Earned towards Your Free Race Entry (You can even earn more than just one free race entry).

Christmas in July Races

Registering for... Referral amounts of... For race discount of...
5K $150/$300 50%/Free Entry
6-Hour Solo $345/$690 50%/Free Entry
12-Hour $405/$810 50%/Free Entry
24-Hour $540/$1,080 50%/Free Entry
6-Hour Relay $870/$1,740 50%/Free Entry

Basically, if you register for the 5K and wish to receive a 50% discount, then you will need online registration referrals equal to three (3) times the value of your registration at the price of the highest tier, which in this case, is $50, so the formula for 50% would be 3 x $50 = $150 (Double it for a Free Race). To earn two free race entries, just double the free race entry criteria, for three, triple it, etc. The value of the registration amount does take into consideration any discount codes which were applied by each registrant for their registration. In other words, if a user applied a discount code to their registration that amount would be subtracted from your registration referral amount.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone can join this program. Whether or not you plan to run the race, this program can help you save money or add value to your own services, such as bloggers who want to giveaway race entries.

When you earn a discount

If you are someone waiting to register until after you qualify for at least a 50% discount, we will email you then to determine if you want the discount now or wait until you earn a free race entry.

If you are someone who has already registered, we will simply issue a refund in the amount you qualify for. Just let us know what you're shooting for.

These race credits can be:
  • Carried over to future years.
  • Transferred to another individual.
  • Used as incentives or giveaways to marketers


We will let you know if you have qualified for a 50% discount or free race entry. If at anytime you would like to know how many people have used your Ambassador code, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join

NOTE: You will only earn credits towards your free race entry when someone uses your Ambassador Code during online registration. Sorry, no exceptions.

Go ahead and sign up and we will contact you by email when your code is available, but know that Ambassador Codes will not be created until a few weeks after registration is open. Once received, you may distribute freely. If there are questions you have at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ambassador Badge

Ambassadors may use badges below on social media outlets to help with promotions. We ask that you link the badge to our website's event page.