First off, we would like to thank you just for clicking to this page. It tells us that you value volunteerism as much as we do. As runners ourselves, we know the importance of volunteers in what they provide and offer a race, but more importantly, how they help a runner push their limits. Being a volunteer at a race is very rewarding and a lot of fun. Not only do we love being on the front lines watching and helping our friends duke it out with their fellow competitors to be top dog, but we enjoy helping a runner through their highs and lows especially during long runs, such as the ultra races that we’re offering. As a runner, going these distances requires the love and support of volunteers. Ones who offer encouragement and the willingness to help them achieve goals. By the end of the run, runners often times have a bond with volunteers from the perspective of "Wow, we did this together". But, that doesn’t diminish the importance of friendly faces and well-timed support for the runners doing our shorter distance races as well. So come out and join in the fun – and help out our runners as the same time.  
NOTE: To volunteer, click on the Volunteer button in the respective event page.
Volunteer Benefits:
  • Giving back to running community
  • A means of completing a volunteer service that are often requested by other events (If you're completing a volunteer service for another race, please bring the form with you and we will sign upon completion of your service)
  • Race apparel or goody item
  • Race Credit good toward a future R4W race, typical credit amounts: (Watch All Videos)
    • $10 - Volunteer at Registration tent (Watch Video)
    • $5 - Santa Fun Run Pre/Post-Run Helper (Watch Video)
    • $10 - Volunteer at Aid Station (Races shorter than Marathon) (Watch Video)
    • $10 - Course Marshal (Watch Video)
    • $10 - Volunteer as a Bike Lead for short distance races (Watch Video)
    • $10 - Volunteer as a Run/Bike Sweeper for short distance races (Watch Video)
    • $50 - Ultra Aid Station Captain for 6-Hour shift (Races at least Marathon distance or 6-Hour Timed Event) (Watch Video)
    • $30 - Volunteer at Ultra Aid Station for 6-Hour shift (Races at least Marathon distance or 6-Hour Timed Event) (Watch Video)
    • $60 - Volunteer to Load Truck on Wednesday night - About 6PM to whenever it's done (1-2 Hours) - Email us for address in Wheeling, IL
    • $60 - Volunteer for Event Setup (Minimum 6-Hours) (Watch Video)
    • $60 - Volunteer for Event Tear Down (Minimum 6-Hours)
 Volunteer Restrictions:
  • Setup and Breakdown volunteers must be at least 16 years of age (They must be registered online).
  • Families are welcome to help at aid stations, but credits will only be issued for children ages 16 and above (They must be registered online).
  • Race Credits must be used with online registration. They may not be used for any registrations done at packet pick-up or on race-day. 
  • Race Credits are non-transferable
  • Race Credits can be accrued from year to year
 Obtaining Volunteer Credits:
  • Volunteers who want to apply earned Race Credits to a race must contact the Race Directors at info@runners4wellness.com. A discount code will be created for you that may be applied to a race of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions