Calling for CiJ Ambassadors

We’ve had an Ambassador Program for a couple years now and are looking for some qualified people to help us really grow our 5K race. We are also looking for Ambassadors to help grow the 6/12/24-Hour timed races, as well. More details can be found on our FREE RACE page (click the button below). If you’re interested, we welcome you to initiate the process by registering to become an Ambassador, it will take less than 60 seconds of your time.

It’s a pretty simple system, as you earn race credits based on registrations of people that use your personalized Ambassador code, you will earn race credits that will afford you a 50% Off or FREE race entry into one of our races. Also, it would be possible for you to earn more than one free race entry credit, depending on your promotion strategy.

These race credits can be:

  • Carried over to future years.
  • Transferred to another individual.
  • Used as incentives or giveaways to marketers.

We are looking for Ambassadors like you to help us grow our race by promoting them to your running friends and family. To learn more please check out the Ambassador page on our website for details. If you have ideas of your own, we welcome an email from you to discuss further. We can be contacted at

Ambassador Program Details

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