Details about the NEW 6-Hour Relay at the 2018 Christmas in July Races

We created a video to give details about the 6-Hour relay in 2018. Give it a watch! We also included a transcript of the video. Hope to see you at the race!

6-Hour Relay Race Details, for Christmas in July Races – Lisle, IL.


  • Relay teams can contain 2 to 4 people.
  • They be comprised of all male, all female, a mix of both, and of any age.
  • The relay race will start on Friday night at Midnight and end at 6 AM.
  • You should have about 300 other runners out there to run with.
  • It will be held on a paved bike path that is a 1-ISH mile USATF certified loop
  • It will have a ton of inflatables and Christmas lights along it to distract you during the night.
  • Finally, runners will have access to our fully stocked aid station throughout the night


  • The first step is to assemble your team and elect a team captain to coordinate things
  • The team captain will register and pay up front for the entire team’s entry
  • Your team can work out how to pay back the team captain on your own. This will not be a feature that is part of the registration system.
  • Once team registration is complete, the team captain will provide all team members a link and password so they can update their personal info and sign the required waiver (We actually encouraged registration to occur this way so that the team captain will be able to pick up bibs/goodie bags for the team without an issue. If the team captain completes everyone’s information instead, then waivers will not be signed otherwise by the team member, which is required.)
  • If for some reason a team member can not run and you need to swap out for a new team member then the runner who is leaving the team would initiate a transfer through the system as is the case for any other event. The fee is $10 for a race transfer.
  • And just so you know, we are not permitting relay team registrations once online registration closes so make sure you take care of this before then.


  • Teams should probably gather and coordinate a strategy for race day, but this is completely optional and really up to you.
  • Runners may run in any order for however many miles or minutes before the next runner is transitioned to.
  • We will provide a relay lap planner for you available on the website’s race details page.
  • As race organizers, we do not need to know this information up front, it’s really just for you and hope that the relay lap planner is beneficial.


  • We will issue a single ankle timing chip ONLY to the Team Captain. This can be done at pre-race packet pickup or on race day at the registration table.
  • If each team member has not received their bibs/goodie bags then they will do that on race day.
  • Also, although not required, you may set up a home base by bringing a canopy tent or standard camping tent and are allowed to do so as early as 3PM on the Friday afternoon.

Relay Rules

  • Aside from the general race rules, here are some specifics about the relay…
  • Only a single team member may run on the course at a time (no pacing/shadowing)
  • You will definitely want to make sure the next runner who is transitioned to is wearing your team’s only timing chip. If not, then it’s lost mileage for the team, no exceptions, so keep a watch out for this.
  • Your results will be posted on the TV monitor at the Start/Finish
  • As for transitions, we will not have a strict transition area like you might find at a Ragnar. We will allow you to transition with another runner once they cross the timing mat. This could be in the aid station area or at your tent, it doesn’t matter to us.
  • If say one of your team members is not able to continue running in the race (maybe they injured themselves) then other team members may fill in for them.


  • There will be only a one race category for all relay teams. This means that all teams are competing against each other.
  • The team with the most miles in the least amount of time will win honors and all team members will be awarded Nutcrackers.
  • Additionally, finisher medals will be awarded to all teams at the end of the race.

That’s it!

  • We hope you consider running the relay with us
  • Our goal is to make this no less than an incredible experience for your team.
  • As a race organization we try to pay attention to the smallest of details and I think you’ll see that throughout the entire process

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